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Accessorize Your Personality

24 Nov

By: Sheilah Griggs


Earrings by Susan Surdi

This last week in NYC the city seemed so much more friendly, so much more welcoming than I even remember from when I called it home. I connected with so many new people, and strangers started conversations everywhere my feet took me. I started realizing that there was one common thread that made busy New Yorkers actually stop and speak to me, so I thought I’d share the secret. Not that it is revolutionary but to my surprise it was measurably effective. However, it did require me to step out of my comfort zone, and of course, I had to do my part to continue the conversation and turn the chance meetings into relationships.

My friend, Sue, a jewelry designer, sent me to New York City with a box of treasures while making me promise to give my traditional diamond studs and pearls a break. I was not living up to my accessory potential in her assessment and needed to kick it up a bit. Well, okay, a lot. So, I trusted her and promised to wear something different everyday. And everyday I would stand in the mirror wondering if I could really pull it off… and guess what? I could!! People consistently commented everywhere I went.

I had ZERO clue that one promise to Sue would be the catalyst to cultivate new relationships and open up a world of opportunity. Seriously, it was the jewelry that made NYC more friendly, more engaging, less scary. If it can work in NYC, it can work anywhere. Take the leap, wear something unique and see what happens. But be ready for the conversation that follows and make it count! Smile, be friendly, engage and say thank-you. Return the compliment and go from there with witty banter…. it will work.

If you want to see some of what I wore to make new friends, check out:  www.creativemindsgallery.com


So, You Want to Boost Business……..

5 Nov

By: Sheilah Griggs

In working with literally 100’s of entrepreneurs over the years, there are several common attributes I find in successful people. First of all, most started their business based on something they loved to do or enjoyed being around. It’s hard to do the mundane duties of running a business if you are not passionate about your product or service. You need to believe that what you are doing is worth it, that it will make a difference and that it matters, if only to you. Never underestimate the influential power that comes from a person with passion. People seem to easily “catch” their message and they don’t seem belabored with trying to “teach” their vision. They are inspiring and all of a sudden people will begin to buy their product and build their brand for them. So don’t be afraid to show your passionate side – people like it!

Other successful individuals see a void, or need, in their own life and have their “ah-ha” moment about how to fill it. For example, let’s look at the successful international company, Spanx. If you don’t own some, your mother, sister or girlfriend does. One day, a 20 something young lady named Sara Blakely wanted to look better in her white pants so she cut off the feet of her nylons. Later, as she was walking around the city feeling svelte, she thought, hmmmm… I bet other women would like this too. And, she was right. She saw a need and she filled it…. and she’s kept on filling it with over 200 product lines.


Courtesy of BayAreaBags.com

Now, what if Sara Blakely had her “ah-ha” moment and started absorbing all of the negative energy that began coming her way? You know, the thoughts like, “Well, maybe it’s a stupid idea” or “But, I’ve only got $5,000.00 in my savings” or “My best friends boyfriend rolled his eyes at me.”…. you get the idea. If she had decided to dwell in the negative she would have missed the opportunity of a lifetime. She would still be selling fax machines (no joke), she wouldn’t have had the ability to fund foundations that help women entrepreneurs and we all would look much worse in our cocktail dresses. Tragedy really. So, another highly important attribute is staying positive. People want to be around positive people. People want to buy from positive people.

You’re probably thinking, okay Sheilah, how do I stay positive even in such dreary times? The answer is to surround yourself with like-minded people – build your community. Start by talking to that one person that always makes you feel great – you may not even know him or her that well, but you always walk away feeling energized. Positive people draw positive people. Negative people draw downers. Start noticing what badge someone is wearing and hang out with your crowd. Watch the words coming out of your mouth so you will draw the kind of people you want, and at the same time you’ll make someone’s day with your energy.

Bottom Line: Start dreaming with passion, be around positive people and stick to one rule – no negativity. Just go for it. If you’re like Sara, you’ll boost your bottom line in more ways than one.