Sheilah Griggs

Sheilah GriggsAn award winning producer and Vice President of Point 3 Media, Sheilah Griggs has her hands and heart deep in entertainment and advertising production. With a Masters in Communications, Griggs has a diverse real‐world background in public relations, media relations and marketing.

Originally from California, Griggs served as media spokesperson for Guess Jeans, and Director of Development & Marketing for City Help, a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles. Upon her relocation to NYC, she was appointed to the Media and Public Affairs Department of the Israeli Consulate following the September 11th attacks.

In 2004, Griggs found the best of both worlds at Point 3 Media and immediately began applying her marketing expertise to re‐branding the company, strategy planning, PR and media management for P3M’s full service clients. Her vast experience in front of the camera and live audiences has proven a valuable asset to both P3M and its clients. Her producer experience behind the camera is an integral part of virtually every client project.

Leading Nashville’s chapter of Ladies Who Launch, a national networking organization for women, Sheilah gives her heart to inspire entrepreneurship and creativity as a lifestyle. While Sheilah is a sought after motivational speaker, the Point 3 office is consistently the backdrop for workshops providing essential resources for women to take their project to the next level.

As a business woman, Sheilah spends most of her days developing marketing strategies, media plans and advertising tactics. As a single mother of a teenage daughter, she spends most of the rest of her -me developing single parent survival tactics! Sheilah embraces every moment with a perfectionist’s drive and a grateful spirit.

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