Larry Roy

Larry RoyLarry E. Roy [President & Creative Director] has over 25 years experience in advertising and marketing, cutting his creative teeth as a teenager under the tutelage of his father‐‐a pioneer in syndicated advertising. Roy joined Admark, Inc. just after college. This national company developed and marketed multimedia advertising campaigns, providing products and services to more than 10,000 clients across the U.S., primarily in the banking and auto industries. Starting from the ‘bottom’, Roy learned from seasoned writers, producers and directors. He was immersed in all aspects of advertising, marketing and production‐‐from graphic design and direct mail, to sales training and account service, to commercial writing and filming, music production and animation.

Since founding Point 3 Media in 1998, Roy has guided the company from a creative/production house to a full‐service advertising agency specialized in brand identity, advertising strategies/tactics and production execution. As a business owner and led AND right‐brain thinker, he’s also developed a head for marketing, finance and project management, which keeps clients coming back‐‐some for more than two decades. An award‐winning writer/director/producer, Roy has developed a keen ability to create provocative, memorable multimedia campaigns, and then skillfully guide them through their launch.

Roy stresses to his team that exceeding the client’s expectations and being invested in their success should be the norm. He has learned how to maximize any budget, giving the client the most for their money. He preaches working with a simple concept and then executing it to perfection; that obsessive attention to detail can turn ‘average’ into ‘exceptional.’

As Point 3’s President & Creative Director, Roy enjoys being involved with both clients and projects, creative types and marketing specialists. Having grown up in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and New York, Roy has made his home in Tennessee the past 25 years, and now lives in Franklin.

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