Production: Proper Prior Planning

9 Sep

PlanningOne of the most important parts of production is the planning. Here, Larry Roy talks about the planning and preparation process and how to overcome on-site challenges!

Taylor Vick: Are there any on-site challenges that you have to overcome on the day of the shoot?

Larry Roy: Yes – all kinds of things! Despite the fact that we place a huge emphasis on planning and preparation, something unexpected almost always occurs, and you have to fix or adapt to on the fly. When shooting outdoors, weather is always a factor, and not just severe weather. Direct sunlight is not your friend either, but you plan for that. Shooting at dawn or dusk takes precise timing in order to capture just the right light. We’ve dealt with everything from stray dogs, to construction crews, to random onlookers who want to “participate” in the shoot.

If you’re shooting indoors there could be technical issues, lighting challenges, wardrobe and set design issues can pop up. Last minute client changes are always fun, too! That’s why the planning is so important: You assemble the people, equipment and resources you need well in advance, you scout your locations, you allow flexibility in your shooting schedule for the unexpected, and then hope it doesn’t happen!

TV: What do you do if there is unexpected noise at the shoot? How do you fix it?

LR: Well if you’ve planned well, then you are at a location where that isn’t a concern. However, sometimes things just happen–like planes, trains and automobiles! If it’s a man-made noise and can be temporarily halted, then you negotiate with whomever you can to make that happen. If not, you either wait it out if it will go away, or somehow find a way to cover it or muffle it on site. Another option is an editor’s nightmare, which is to say, “We’ll just fix it in post!” (post-production). This may require “looping” the original audio, or covering it with music or other sound design.

TV: Have you ever had any challenges with crews in Nashville?

LR: Yes, but rarely. Maybe we’re short a microphone, or missing a needed camera lens, or a battery or light just dies on the set. But as for crew, Nashville has plenty of great people who know what they are doing–and love doing it.


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