Voss Calls for Small-to-Medium Agency for 2011

10 Aug

VossVoss recently put out a call for bids from a small to medium sized agency to handle their marketing communications in 2011 via Ad Age.

In response to Ad Age’s article titled “Small-to Midsize New York Shop? Voss Wants You: Launches Open Call for Agency Review in an E-mail to Ad Age,” Sheilah Griggs of Nashville’s Marketing and Advertising Agency, Point 3 Media, agrees with the transparent approach of calling an agency review. It doesn’t necessarily mean a cattle call.

Here is the press release from Ad Age:

Voss, a leading super premium imported bottled water, is conducting an agency search to provide various marketing communications services for an early 2011 launch. Interested agencies should contact Ken Gilbert, the consultant contracted to conduct the agency selection process. Candidate agencies should be based in New York City—small to medium sized.

Prospects must be able to demonstrate strong strategic planning and creative capabilities. Experiences in related categories include beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), entertainment and culture, luxury and imported goods.

Here’s what she had to say:

I do believe the trend will be turning towards creative advertising agencies who are more efficient and “swat team” in approach because clients are missing service and direct communication. Advertisers want to be listened to and want someone who can get things done without a lot of bureaucracy.

Larger advertisers are going behind their agency’s back because they think they could never meet a quick turn around deadline and it would cost a fortune. They also note irritation with having a “communication fee” for a two-sentence email response.

To me, it’s just poor customer service and absolutely poor relationship management. People want to do business with people, not machines, even more so in this electronic age. It used to be seen as sophisticated to have a large agency, and now I think it’s going to be viewed as poor strategic business planning if there aren’t internal changes. They want an agency they can get on the phone and who they actually believe cares about their business.

It’s about relationships. Whether the economy has brought us back to that by providing more competition, or people are craving some actual old-fashioned interaction, it’s a good thing. Voss has openly asked for what they want and it’s going to be delivered right to their doorstep.


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