How to Develop Your Social Media Strategy Part 2

3 Aug

After you evaluate where you stand, you should now be equipped with enough information to make an informed decision about the sites you want to maintain a profile on. Define your list of social sites for your company, and then determine how much time and resources you would like to dedicate to the social marketing strategy.

Social Media Landscape

If it makes more sense to focus on B2B leads for your company than B2C, go after professional networks, microblogs, social newswires, listing services and start thinking about developing your company blog if you haven’t already done so. If you are focused on B2C, definitely go after websites that your customers are on like social networks, sales/deal websites, social bookmarking, product/service review websites, and blogs. We are no longer in an age where pushing a marketing message works. You MUST stay actively engaged with your audience (whether B2B or B2C), and be true to your brand.

Once you develop a strategy, give yourself a time frame and goals. Gauge how much time you need to spend on each website based on what your company’s overall marketing goals are. If you want to engage with customers, you will spend more time on developing relationships on Facebook and Twitter than you will promoting your product or service on YouTube. If you rely heavily on viral video to promote your product or service, develop a YouTube following and don’t spend as much time on Flickr.

(Side note – video is becoming the most popular way to consume media. If video isn’t part of your strategy, media production companies can help you with content.)

Expect to spend no less than 6 hours a week on implementing your social strategy, and don’t get frustrated! It can take as long as a year to develop a 2,000+ following of legitimate Twitter friends. Would you rather have 30 qualified sales leads or 3,000 unqualified sales leads? Think about the quality of your friends/followers in the same manner. 3,000 people unready to buy could be considered a waste of your time! Any marketing and advertising agency will agree.

What is the biggest reason you want to get involved with social media? How are you going to go about using social media to achieve your company’s overall marketing goals?


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