How to Develop Your Social Media Strategy Part 1

2 Aug

How do you know if a social marketing campaign is for you? Here are some indicators:

  1. People are already talking about you online
  2. You have great employees who want to talk about your company
  3. You have a small advertising or marketing budget and are looking to get the most bang for your buck
  4. Your company culture is so fun that random people start showing up at your company parties
  5. Philanthropy is part of your company culture and you want people to know about it and support it

social-media-bandwagonIf you don’t like talking to customers, or don’t believe in word-of-mouth marketing, social media is decidedly not for you. But if you read any of the 5 points above and thought “YES!” then you are ready to start thinking about your social marketing strategy!

So how do you get started? Think back to your original marketing plan. Most likely, you spent a great deal of time thinking about strategic business planning for different phases of growth for your business. You, or your marketing consultants, defined your target market, the 4P’s, your competitive advantage, and conducted marketing research. Keep all of those items in mind when you develop your social marketing strategy.

What you want to do first is define your target audience. Who is it? Where do they hang out online? Not sure? Check out websites like to see who is on each network. How do customers try to find you? What types of keywords do they type into Google to find your product or service? You can answer these questions by utilizing services like Google’s “Wonder Wheel” or Google’s “Keyword Tool – AdWords” and by conducting informal surveys at your place of business or through your email marketing.

Compile these keywords into a list and save them. You will need them because they will serve as a guide of keywords to include in things like your website’s “meta tags” and even give you ideas on what types of blogs and content to post to your other online touch points.

The next thing to do is listen. Set up Google alerts for the topics that apply to your business, as well as the name of your business. It’s a great way to start listening to the culture online and gauge sentiment. It’s also a great way to find where potential customers and existing customers are already talking about you. In addition to Google alerts, you can use services like and to monitor sentiment and conversation on blogs, microblogs, social bookmarking sites and social networks.

Marketing PlanNow that you have your target market defined and have an understanding of the online culture, it is time to evaluate where your company stands online. If you are a bank, can you find your website by typing in your company name into Google? What about if you type in “bank + city”? Where does your website rank? Is it on the front page of Google, or is it on page 15? Compile a list of online touch points and evaluate how they rank in search, what the traffic is like, and how many people are interacting with your existing content.


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